Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen. Shoe cubbies upon entering. Slippers provided at the bathroom. My phone took a swim in the (clean) toilet after this photo! Luckily, 7/11’s sell tiny bags of rice, so it rested for the remainder of the Kyoto trip. Gorgeous setup. Ingredients to make our own soup. The display was breathtaking. Such simple dishes with so much attention to presentation. We typically have … Continue reading kaiseki.


I was excited to see some buildings with character!   Cafe de L’ambre. Quite obnoxious at $7-$11 per beverage, but it was incredibly smooth. My Blanc et Noir “Queen Amber,” was served in a champagne glass! Akomeya. Small shop with some cute homeware and decor. Rokurinsha. Tsukemen ramen inside Tokyo Station. There is a Ramen Alley downstairs, without entering the ticket gates. Anthony Bourdain approved. … Continue reading ninja.